SERES SF5 Huawei Smart Selection Officially Enters Huawei Flagship Store

       On April 20, Huawei held a smart travel Huawei smart selection meeting in Shanghai. Yu Chengdong announced on the spot that SERES SF5 Huawei Smart Selection officially enters the Huawei flagship store and is sold through Huawei's nationwide retail channel network.

Huawei’s Executive Director and CEO of Consumer Business, Yu Chengdong, said, “This has created a precedent in both the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry. In the future, Huawei will not only provide leading ICT smart car solutions to help car companies build good cars, but also high-end brand operation, marketing experience and sales network accumulated in the consumer electronics industry, to help auto companies sell good cars."

SERES SF5 Huawei Smart Selection fastback coupe style design is a combination of natural aesthetics and fluid dynamics, which brings lower wind resistance. In addition, the car achieves an acceleration of 4.68s from 0-100km/h, matching the ultra-running lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, the front double-wishbone and rear trapezoidal multi-link independent suspension system used in the million-class coupe, which brings faster acceleration and better performance. Its tilt control and shock absorption experience can be called a performance monster.
SERES launched the "Hump" electric drive extended range system, equipped with Huawei DriveONE three-in-one electric drive system to provide users with a long-range, high-performance driving experience. SERES SF5 Huawei Smart Selection can provide a flexible choice of "Electric-Driven, Refuel-for-Electricity-Generating", and the extended range mode is dynamically adjustable to meet various travel needs. In the pure electric mode, it can achieve a range of 180km, which can meet the city daily commute; in the extended range mode, it can achieve a range of 1000km plus, and it is easy to go from Beijing to Shanghai. The car is equipped with an industry-leading 1.5T four-cylinder range extender, which intelligently adapts to have excellent performance under different driving conditions, at different temperatures and in different regions.
SERES SF5 Huawei Smart Selection is equipped with HUAWEI HiCar solution, which can move all Huawei's mobile applications to the car, and can also support switching applications such as navigation, music, etc., between the mobile phone and the in-car central control large screen, anytime, anywhere. The music you are listening to before entering the car, can be automatically broadcast in the car when you enter. In addition, users can also conduct interactive control via voice, and focus more on driving. HUAWEI HiCar can also realize the interconnection of IoT devices. Users can remotely turn on smart terminals such as their home air conditioners and smart screens before getting off the car. The car is your housekeeper, creating a seamless full-scene experience.
The vehicle stereo surround system constructed by 11 advanced audio units, has been professionally adjusted by the original HUAWEI SOUND technical core team and acoustic experts. The low-frequency dive is as low as 30Hz, bringing a shocking bass of up to 107dB, combined with NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) 38dB library-level quiet effect, bringing the ultimate immersive mobile music experience - the overall sound is clear, layered, deep and thick bass, crisp and pure treble. Just a single tap by your finger, the cockpit becomes a mobile theater.
The first batch of users who purchase the high-performance four-wheel drive version before December 31, 2021 will receive exclusive upgrade benefits, including 20-inch sports aluminum alloy wheels, ventilated heated massage front seats and Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires. In addition, users will also receive a 10-year free maintenance service for HUD head-up display system, 7kW household charging pile and range extender.
SERES is available in four colors: azure sea blue, gilt black, pearl white, and titanium silver gray, as well as interiors in polar night black, bird feather red, and ivory white. From April 21, 2021, users can make reservations for offline experiences and reservations through the official SERES App, Huawei Mall, SERES Experience Center, and Huawei Flagship Store. The car is scheduled to be delivered in batches in May. Huawei said that in the future everyone can experience SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5 in Huawei flagship stores in city centers.