seres 5 bev
3.5 S
100 km acceleration
Maximum torque 1040N.m
NEDC pure electric range
Intelligent four-wheel drive
Dual motor drive
Natural Aesthetics of Life" Design Concept
design inspiration from nature gives the
product the characteristics of agility, purity
and vitality, presenting a stunning natural
aesthetics of life.
Sports genes of coupe SUV
The design of the fastback type SUV is
extremely sporty with the perfect application
of aerodynamics, which triggers
extraordinary sports charm between
movement and static.
color option
Round & Stocky Rear Body
Go-through Taillight
Cross-Over Style
Concealed door handle design
Sigma(∑)LED day running light
Dynamic Front Face
64-color atmosphere light
Environmentally friendly cockpit design
Integrated sports seat
l2 Advanced driver assistance system
TJA Traffic Jam Assistant
FCW Forward Collision Warning
AEB Autonomous Emergency Braking
BSD Blind Area Monitoring
LDWSLane Departure Warning System
DOWDoor opening warning
ABS Anti-lock braking system
ESP Electronic stability program
EBA Emergency brake system
HAC Hill start assist control
HDCHill descent control
LKALane keeping assist
LCALane change assist
ACCAdaptive Cruise Control
ICAIntegrated cruise assistant
SERES 5(BEV)Front and Rear Dual Motor 4WD
dimension L*W*H (mm) 4700*1930*1625
Wheelbase (mm) 2875
motor Peak Power (kW) 510
Max. Torque(N.M) 1040
Battery Battery Type Ternary Lithium
Battery Capacity (kwh) 88
parameters 0-100km acceleration(s) 3.5
Max. Speed (km/h) 250
Pure Electric Range (km) NEDC 500km+
Slow Charge Time (h) 9 (20%~100%)
Quick Charge Time (h) 0.75 (20%~80%)
Seats 5